Academy’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XIVe- conversion to Mk. XVIIIe

Note: This is a build report that had been previously been published at another site I created,

This is Academy’s great 1/48 Mk. XIVe kit. I’ve heard the criticisms about it’s fuselage shape- that it’s too deep, has problems around the nose, etc. But I’ve built this kit, and Academy’s Mk. XIVc, and found them both to be truly great kits. I’m more concerned about an enjoyable modeling experience than I am about how accurate a kit is. So if you’ve held off building ones because of what you read on forums, I urge you to give this kit a second look- it’s a gem.

The Mk. XVIII only had a few external differences, for modeling purposes. I added the larger rudder that characterized this Mark as a resin replacement part from Airwaves, which is produced by Hannants. I simply cut off the kit rudder, and glued this one in place. As I was modeling a FR Mk. XVIIIe, I drilled in the camera ports on the lower portion of the fuselage also. The decals are from an Aeromaster set. All the stripes are painted on. Tamiya paints were used on the exterior.

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