More progress on the Eduard Russian fighters

The Russian fighters are almost ready for the paint shop! I still need to add in a few final bits to the cockpit- gunsights and clear armored glass, and then cement on the canopy pieces, which are masked and ready to go.

Both the Yak-3 and the La-7 needed some attention with seams.

In order for the Yak-3 to properly fit on the wings, I had to leave a pretty significant gap along the underside of the forward cowling  However, once I glued the wings on, and had the upper cowl in place, the gap was easily closed and sanded, and once painted, no one will ever notice.

The La-7 had some pretty nasty gaps between the fuselage and wing parts. However, I simply filled the gap with Tamiya Basic Putty, and using some Q-tips and nail polish remover, I smoothed it down until the gap was nicely filled and almost no sanding was needed.

A few other minor gaps on both aircraft were filled with Mr. Surfacer 500, and either smoothed over with alcohol and Qtips, or sanded down.

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