Eduard and a new Tempest!

Based on this report from Eduard’s 2015 Novemberfest, it looks like Eduard will be releasing a 1/48 Hawker Tempest in 2017. The best part- it will be in the Mk. II and Mk. V variety! (You’ll have to scroll down past the German stuff to see it in the linked report….)

I’ve built two of Eduard’s Tempest kits recently, one straight out of the box as a Mk. V, and another as a Mk. II using a conversion set. Both are fine kits. But they are older, and certainly not up to the standard of Eduard’s latest work.

So this is certainly welcome news to me! 

The only thing I am concerned about is that the report states it will be “developed in cooperation with MPM company.” I have built a few MPM kits, and while they’re not bad, they are nowhere near the quality of Eduard’s kits. The report gave no details as to who would be doing the development work, and who would be doing the tooling and production. I hope MPM has simply hired Eduard to do both. If not that, I suppose the next best situation would be for Eduard to do the tooling and production

I’m sure we’ll get more news over time though. The report states that the kit will be available in 2017.


I found this on Brit Modeler. I don’t know if it is a translation from another forum, or if it was posted by someone whose primary language is not English. I decided to post this as is, so you can draw from it what you will, so that I don’t misrepresent what was originally posted.

Eduard cooperating with Special Hobby because they wanted 1/48 Mk.II after 1/32 version and Eduard crossed their plans.
3D modelling of main parts is prepared by Eduard and is not delivered from Special Hobby 1/72 nor 1/32 kit. Small parts could use computer data prepared by SH for their 1/32 kit.
Mould wil be tooled by Eduard.
Mk.VI version is confirmed

Eduard will first time release version Mk.V and this kit will be released in standard Profipack and Weekend editions.
Mk.II is expected to be released by Eduard only in limited edition Royal Class package.
And repacked by Special Hobby.
After longer delay Mk.II will be released directly by Eduard in Weekend od Profipack edition.


Images are from, source of the original report.


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