The Sabre Dog Days Of Summer- Getting the insides done

My initial thoughts on this Revell 1/48 F-86D Sabre Dog….

Are we sure this isn’t a Tamiya kit?

It’s absolutely an amazing kit. The fit is not “Tamiya like”, as modelers often say. It’s a Tamiya clone. I’m simply astounded at how nice this kit is. Not what I was expecting from this manufacturer.

And for $15.


The cockpit is simple but nice looking. Instructions and some references showed the seat pads to be all red, but I found one cockpit photo showing the seat as yellow. I don’t know if it’s right- but I like it. So yellow it is. The finish is sort of a hybrid of my typical techniques- traditional dry brushing and washing- with a few newer techniques I’m trying out from the “Spanish School” of finishes. It’s not super obvious, as I’m still getting a handle on it. Bit I thought it turned out nicely.

The wheel wells were painted a darker green, so I mixed up a few Tamiya paints to get something that meets TLAR standard- “that looks about right”. The wheel wells are nicely detailed- very busy looking. I’ve seen resin sets that had less detail than this. Again- just an example of what an outstanding value this kit is.

Now it’s time to get the fuselage closed up and the wings on!


2 responses to “The Sabre Dog Days Of Summer- Getting the insides done”

  1. Hey Comments are back on!!!

    Great to see you building some Jets Jon – they are both coming along nicely. Glad to hear you say good things about this kit as I’ve been thinking of getting it. So I take it that it’s not a Monogram re-pop?




    1. Hey Stuart!

      As I understand it, this was originally one of the Pro Modeler kits put out by RM, and it’s now released under the Revell label. But it’s not like the very old Monogram F-86F Sabre kit. This has very nice recessed detail, and fit that is amazing. I highly recommend this kit!


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