Tamiya’s 1/48 F4D-1 Skyray: Please Have A Seat

I’ve started on Tamiya’s 1/48 Skyray kit, and so far, the best summary is “it’s Tamiya”. It just fits.

I used some parts of an Eduard photoetch set. My main goal was to have some seat belts for the kit, but I tried to incorporate other parts. While I managed to get a few in, most of the levers were tweezerpulted or sneezed into outer darkness.

I had planned to use Eduard’s photoetch instrument panel face and backing film combination. When placed on the instrument panel face, looked great. But as with every attempt to use this combination of parts from Eduard, actually getting it to fit into the full cockpit was another matter. In every case I’ve tried it- and this one was no exception- the photoetch part was just slightly too wide. And with Tamiya’s tolerances, that is a no go. I could have tried to trim it some, or open up the plastic on the inside of the coaming, but I decided not too, and just reverted to the kit instrument panel. It’s not as exciting- or frustrating- but it fits and looks like dialy gauge things.

On a side note- every time I’ve used on of Eduard’s pre-printed photo etch IP faces, they fit. Every. Single. Time. So they can do it.

The kit seat is nice enough. I almost ordered a resin replacement that was more detailed, but decided that the percentage improvement in look would not likely translate into a reasonable return when I sell this model. (I suppose it has definitely become a business…. I now factor ROI into my builds.)

I did a bit of a technique combination here, using some traditional drybrushing techniques, but also a few Spanish style things here and there. I think the aspect that appealed most to me was the speed versus look. While I really like the look of a “full Spanish” cockpit, the time it takes for a standard build is just a bit hard to justify. This combination brought good speed, yet also some additional pop (or so I hope). I actually like the combination, and think it bears further study.

Next up will be the main fuselage assembly. Bat Plane, anyone?

One response to “Tamiya’s 1/48 F4D-1 Skyray: Please Have A Seat”

  1. Great looking cockpit John – I didn’t know Tamiya did a 1/48 Skyray.


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