Happy New Year! And a Video Update

Happy New Year! Thanks so much for your incredible support in 2018. I am really looking forward to 2019.

To kick things off, here’s my first “official” video, where I talk about… video. 🙂

If you’ve not done so, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel. Right now there’s not much… basically this video. But over time, I’ll be adding more. Subscribing keeps you updated on what’s new. 

And if you’ve not done so already, please take a look at what I offer on Patreon. As the video talks about, many of my videos will be Patreon exclusive, so be sure and check that out. I’ll be adding more levels later in January.

Thanks again for supporting my work, and I hope everyone has a great 2019!

8 responses to “Happy New Year! And a Video Update”

  1. Happy New Year Jon! I’m headed over to subscribe to your YouTube channel now.



    1. Thanks so much Jeff! Happy New Year to you also! 🙂


  2. Subscribed and looking forward to 2019 and your new YouTube channel, Jon! Top of the world to you for this year!


    1. Thanks Lee! I appreciate it. 🙂

      Happy New Year!


  3. Steven L Arnold Avatar

    Happy New Year Jon! I subscribed, haven’t built anything for a couple years. Hands aren’t what they bused to be but I can’t wait to see your videos. I have followed you since you got back into modeling and have always enjoyed your work. I have watched you progress through the years since way back in our FSM times. I look forward to this segment of your modeling carreer. God Bless


    1. Hey Steve! Thanks so much my friend! God bless and Happy New Year!


  4. Michael Starling Avatar
    Michael Starling



    1. Awesome – thanks!


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