Workbench Update – February 18, 2020

In this video, I take a quick look at a few of the projects I’m working on, and discuss where they’re at, and where they’re going. All of these will be the basis for future videos, with the Jerry being a Patreon Exclusive.

The kits are:

  • Bandai’s HGUC Gouf Custom
  • Bandai Char Aznable’s MG Gelgoog
  • Warhammer 40K’s Citadel Adeptus Mechanicus Skorpius Disintegrator
  • Nitto’s 1/20 Maschinen Krieger Jerry

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2 responses to “Workbench Update – February 18, 2020”

  1. Jon,
    I haven’t visited your site in awhile… I am hoping that you put the Bandai Char Aznable’s MG Gelgoog in the Keep on Truckin’ pose. Those bell-bottoms are just asking for it.


    1. Ha! That would be funny!


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