Hobbyboss’ 1/72 Tu-2 Easy Assembly kit

I finished Hobbyboss’ Tu-2. It’s a nice little kit, though bare on details. The cockpit is a seat and stick. The other crew positions are blocked off- no detail at all. Of course, the kit is just $12.26 at ScaleHobbyist.com, so it’s a bargain for a simple, fun build.

As with most Hobbyboss 1/72nd scale kits, the parts count is very low. The main parts are an upper and lower half… wings, fuselage, the whole thing, just two parts. Add engine nacelles, cowls, vertical tailplanes- eight parts- and you’re almost done. The photo at the left shows the kit at this stage (with canopies on) before using any glue. One minute’s worth of work.

Two simple markings options are included, both of the black and green variety. I decided to go my own route, and opted for the three color scheme of AMT-1, AMT-4 and AMT-12 (tan, green and dark gray), and the undersides in AMT-7. All colors are Akan acrylics.

It’s not terribly detailed, and I’m sure rivet counters would find plenty to fault the kit about. But I just wanted to build something unusual, with no fuss, or worries about how detailed or accurate it is. Slapped it together, painted it, put it on the shelf. Like I did when I was 10.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be, I think.

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