Revell’s 1/32 Spitfire Mk. IIa

I’ve been reading with interest the discussion regarding the new Revell Spitfire Mk. IIa on several online modeling forums.

Drawing on the lists provided by Edgar Brooks and Roy Sutherland on forums, and one kind email from Edgar, I’ve synthesized things down to a short list of (generally) simple improvements that can be made if the modeller desires, assuming some resin or kit-bashing parts are available for a few items. In this list, I’ve indicated my information source by their initials. (If I am in error on any of these points please forgive me and let me know the correction.)

In some cases, I’ve simplified their comments, so though they may not have said directly “Replace widget A”, I translated “Widget A is not shaped correctly for this version of aircraft” to essentially mean replace it if at all possible.

– Remove patches on the upper and lower wings (EB/RS)
– Replace the oil cooler (EB/RS)
– Replace the ailerons with fabric ailerons (RS)
– Replace the wheels (RS)
– Replace the seat (EB/RS)
– Delete crowbar in entry hatch (EB)
– Add fabric straps over the top of the rudder pedals (EB)
– Remove Very pistol cartridge rack from seat (EB)
– Add seat armor (EB)
– Unless photos indicate otherwise, remove the aerial anchor projection from the rudder (EB)
– There are three oblong “protuberances” on the spinner, file those off. (EB)
– Remove the large air intake scoop on the upper cowl (EB)
– Remove oxygen hose from starboard wall (it was fitted to the pilot’s mask and plugged into a socket) (EB)
– Fill in the small square “cut-out” top right of the cockpit door(EB)
– Fit part 40 on the instrument panel just above the pilot’s left leg, not on the starboard cockpit wall (EB)
– On early (pre-January 1941) airframes remove upper crossbar from rudder pedals (EB)

I hope this list is useful for those who may wish to make some alterations to the base kit. I’m sure the kit will be fun to build as it is in the box too.

I’m grateful for another Spitfire kit.

Thanks to Roy and Edgar for their kind and thorough observations.

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