In Progress: Eduard’s 1/72 F6F-3 Hellcat Weekend Edition- The Paint Is On

I can’t say enough good things about this little kit. It’s just really a pleasure to build. A friend had told me that the wings fit so precisely that no glue was needed, and no evidence of the join could be seen. I was a bit skeptical.

Find out more about this kit at Eduard's website.
Find out more about this kit at Eduard’s website.

But he was 100% correct! Test fitting showed that the wings fit very snug, with no gaps at all. I waited until after I painted them to put them on the model, as this made painting the demarcation much easier. Just the little bit of paint made the fit very, very snug- I was afraid I was going to crack the fuselage getting them in. I did add some glue just to make sure it never came out. 

If you like Hellcats, or 1/72 scale models, or just want a really fun, inexpensive kit (I paid $12 for this one at Scale Hobbyist), then grab this kit! 

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