Looking forward to the Airfix P-40B in 48th scale, assuming I’ll be able to tell it from a can of peas

I’ll be so happy when Airfix releases its Airfix P-40B in 1/48 scale. The current kits available- Revell/Monogram, Trumpeter, and Hobbycraft/Academy, have left me so frustrated. I mean, I’m no expert, but I always thought they looked like a P-40B. But I realized I must be brain damaged, or perhaps in need of a vision check.

Every time I show someone my build of a P-40B from one of those companies, the questions start.

Me: “Hey, look at my latest build! I really enjoyed doing it. I thought it turned out pretty good.”

Modeling buddy: “What is it?”

Me: “What do you mean, what is it?”

Modeling buddy: “I’m not sure. I just don’t…. I don’t know….”

Me: “Seriously? I mean… look at the front. Long and pointy. And the shark’s teeth. The guns on the nose. You don’t see any clues?”

Modeling buddy: “Ummmm, I thought it was a can of Ravioli.”

Me: “No it’s not a can of Ravioli. C’mon- look again. Look real close.”

Modeling buddy: “Uh…. an aardvark? They have long noses…”

Me: “You’ve got to be kidding? An aardvark? That’s an animal! How does this even look like an animal?”

Modeling buddy: “Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. Uh…. let me see…. is it a dodecagon made of pasta?”

Me: “No.”

Modeling buddy: “A can of peas?”

Me: “I’m just…. I don’t know what to say. Look- it’s a P-40B. You know…. the airplane.”

Modeling buddy: “Whoa! Wow…. really? I’d have not guessed that. I thought you were going to say an artistic representation of a Mozart Symphony. Wow…. I guess if you kinda squint, and ignore the various…. stuff…. yeah, in an abstract way.”

Please Airfix. Send your P-40B soon. The confusion of what these other kits actually are is just too great a strain on the modeling community. 

And despite the abuse, we keep buying them.

Oh, the humanity…..

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