Completed build: Airfix’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XII

I finished the 1/48 Airfix Mk. XII. It is a great kit to build. No problems, no fuss. I highly recommend it.

3 responses to “Completed build: Airfix’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XII”

  1. Lovely model Jon.

    Just out of interest, as I was directed here to get Edgar’s collected notes, I believe my last contact from Edgar was on a forum topic somewhere when I queried the relative ‘fatness’ and slight shortness of the XII rear fuselage compared to the then brand new XIX.

    He was knowledgeable enough to know it was down to Airfix’s XII usage of drawings which were incorrectly proportioned somewhere in the reproduction process.

    I haven’t read through the .pdf you’ve kindly compiled to see if that exchange is included. However, it convinced me enough to use the XIX as a basis for all future Griffon Spitfires; long nose short nose and late revised wing included in the interests of commonality.


    1. Thanks for that information! If you have additional documentation please let me know!


  2. Jon, I’ll certainly look to see if I can find the thread and direct you accordingly.

    Some weeks ago I floated the idea on LSP ( of an EB memorial archive.

    Might your initial collection of notes be the first building blocks of such an undertaking?

    It looks promising, and I also think that your updateable pdf format could be the way to go, in as far as websites come and go (I’m thinking that even long established sites such as ARC have lost years worth of data in postings lost after their site was hacked and restarted a couple of times). And a widely distributed database in such a form could be hosted anywhere, with backups from a community of downloders.

    In any case I applaud your application in getting started and offer my assistance if required, as I’m sure will others.
    It’s a worthy effort in memory of one remarkable man’s research.


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