Build Report: Eduard 1/48 P-39N “Alexander Pokryshkin”

Note: This is a build report that had been previously been published at another site I created,

I don’t think it’s possible to build too many Eduard Airacobras. It’s a great kit, with no real problems in the build. The detail is great, and the price is always very good. The short story- get the Eduard kit.

For this kit, I used an Ultracast seat and AeroMaster Decals 1/48 “Stalin’s Cobras Part 1” (#48-089). As I’ve said many times, and will repeat again- you can’t go wrong with Ultracast. While photoetch belts may be closer to scale thickness, I think the resin seats with belts cast in look the part much better. I believe modeling is more than just scale accuracy- it’s about fooling the eye into seeing something it isn’t. And I think a well painted resin set of belts does a much better job of that than anything else. But that’s just my theory. 🙂

The decals worked great, no problems there. It’s a nice set, actually, and I plan to do another Soviet Airacobra or three with it. This particular model is in the markings of Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin, the highest scoring P-39 ace of the war, with 48 kills in the type, and 59 overall, though sources vary greatly in some cases. In any event, he (and other Soviet pilots) proved that the P-39 could do the job.

The paint is Tamiya- their versions of neutral gray and olive drab. Fading is done with Tamiya Deck Tan, and shading is a mix of Tamiya NATO Black and Hull Red.

The bottomline- get an Eduard Airacobra and build it. Any boxing. You won’t be disappointed!

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