Trumpeter 1/48 Sea Fury: The MiG Killer Is Finished

The final bits and pieces are on Trumpeter’s 1/48 Sea Fury, and I’m calling this one finished. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

The kit, out of the box, is not bad. The prop spinner is a bit off on the shape, and the landing gear struts are a bit short. There are some shape issues. Yet if it’s built straight from the box, it looks like a Sea Fury.

This build was a commission build model, and the customer provided some additional aftermarket parts, and I had some myself. It’s a bit of a hodge podge. The cockpit is mostly Aries, with a few Cooper Details parts. The seat is Ultracast. The wheel well and wheels are Cooper Details, the landing struts are Scale Aircraft Conversion metal gear, and the extra fuel tanks, spinner and prop blades are Cooper Details.

The Cooper detail parts were actually made for the Hobbycraft Sea Fury, but overall they work with only some minor modifications. I found I liked the Aries cockpit a bit better, though I did use some of the Cooper parts to enhance it. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the SAC landing gear. While they did correct the strut length problem, I’ve never thought they looked very good. And in my opinion, they don’t add anything with regards to strength. If anything, they are more fragile than the plastic ones. Still- modelers for hire can’t be too picky.

It’s a fun kit. But I’m betting the upcoming Airfix kit will beat it down pretty easily.

One response to “Trumpeter 1/48 Sea Fury: The MiG Killer Is Finished”

  1. Very nice work and good to know that the aftermarket stuff designed for the old Hobbycraft kit fit with a minimum of work. You did a fine job!


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