Italeri’s 1/48 CR.42: The Sesquiplane Strut

I’ve finished assembly of the major components for the Falco, and it’s primed and ready for paint. In these photos, the wing is not glued into place. I’ll need it off in order to do the smoke ring camo this airplane had.

The struts really weren’t too bad to get into place, as it turned out. It just required some patience, some Tamiya Extra Thin cement, and a fair amount of adjustments and eyeballing the whole thing. I went ahead and added the little bit of rigging this plane had, figuring it would be easier to do at this point than after the wings were in place.

I’m looking forward to the painting process. Smoke ring camo is not trivial to airbrush well, but if it is done right, it looks great.

3 responses to “Italeri’s 1/48 CR.42: The Sesquiplane Strut”

  1. That’s an interesting looking aircraft that – I wonder what difference aerodynamically the smaller lower wing made?

    Great work on getting that wing on Jon – looking forward to seeing the paint.


  2. How about Mike Grant’s “hobby ending” smoke ring decals? I ‘ve never tried them, but one of these days, I’ll order some for my MC.202 or MC.205.


    1. I want to give it a go with the airbrush! 🙂

      I have used those before though, and they are good.


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