Magna Models 1/48 Blackburn Firebrand TF5: Prime Time

I finally have the Magna Models Firebrand primed and ready for paint. It was a long process- prime, sand, fill, scribe, prime, sand, fill, scribe. And that was before assembly began. It’s not a hard kit, it’s simply tedious, and requires a very slow, methodical approach. As each component is assembled and joined to the rest- fuselage, vertical stabilizer, horizontal stabilizer, wings- more filling, priming, and sanding must be done to keep everything looking “all one piece”.

Even with the work I’m putting into this, I think at best it will be a “six footer”. I fear I have found the intersection of the limit of my patience and talent.

Yet it is is still not as bad as a few of the Special Hobby/Classic Airframes kits I have built….


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