Magna Models 1/48 Blackburn Firebrand TF5: The Paint Is On… Wait, No It’s Not

This kit is an almighty trial. It’s easily the worst resin I’ve ever worked with. I was using a mechanical pencil to “draw” in the panel lines, to help me see them for post-shading. Some of the resin was actually flaking off. 

Anyway… it’s painted. I used all Tamiya paints- XF-21 underneath, and XF-24 and XF-65 up top. With various fading and shading, of course.

Next up is a gloss coat, decals, and weathering. Then I’ll tackle all the “white metal” parts like gear doors and prop blades and gear struts. White metal, of course, being a modeler’s euphemism for soft, fragile, pewter.

I will complete this kit. I don’t know that I’ll claim it as my work though. I think I have found the limits of my skills.

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