Hobbyboss 1/48 F-105D- A Day In The Office

While I’m not a huge fan of resin aftermarket parts, I do like painting a nicely made resin cockpit. It’s just about fool proof- paint it, drybrush it, pick out some bits in a few colors, give it a wash, and then a flat coat. 

For this kit, the commission build customer asked for a Black Box cockpit- originally intended for the Monogram kit- to be installed in Hobbyboss’ Thud. Test fitting shows it will work just fine.

Painting was simple enough… a coat of flat black, then some form of Tamiya gray, then drybrushing and painting the other bits, more drybrushing, a gloss coat, a wash, and a flat coat. Any idiot could do it. I’m living proof. 🙂

Now if I could just get a better camera so the photos wouldn’t look like pooh….

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