Hasegawa’s 1/48 F-4E- Can You SEA The Camo?

After far too long, the base camo colors are finally on the gun-nosed Phantom. I’d hoped to be at this point in mid-October, but…. life. Still, we move forward.

The colors are from Ammo of Mig, specifically their 60s-70s USAF TAC Colors (AMIG7205). I like the colors quite a bit, and I think on the model they look the part quite nicely. I will be doing some light weathering, and fading, of course. If you’re used to using Tamiya paints, switching to Ammo does require a bit of a technique change, as these paints work best when applied in thinner coats, built up. It’s not difficult, really, but it is an adjustment. I think it’s worth it though- their color range is very diverse.

I initially tried to freehand the camo, but being unfamiliar with the paints, coupled with my poor eyesight (at the time- cataract surgery has now been finished! 🙂 ), made that a bit difficult. I fell back to old fashioned masking, using Tamiya tape. The paints held up as well as any- a few small spots here and there came up, but that will happen from time to time with any paint.

Overall, I’m happy with the results. Next up will be some additional paint touchups, and then on to the markings and weathering!

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