Trumpeter’s 1/48 Mig-3: Any color you want, as long as it’s green and blue

There are a few kits that I think of as “under the radar”. A kit that rarely receives any accolades, and few previews or reviews take much note of it. 

Trumpeter’s 1/48 Mig-3 is one of those kits.

I had built one of these a few years ago, in a comparison build with the Ark Mig-3 kit. In that build, I was very impressed with this kit. A few months back, I’d decided I wanted to look for a quick aircraft build, and this one immediately grabbed my attention. I’d gotten started on it, but then it sat for a while. This past weekend though, I decided to get it back on the workbench.

Parts count is not too high, yet what is included has nice detail. The cockpit is surprisingly detailed, though with only a few parts. All it really needs is some seat belts. Fit of the fuselage and wings is outstanding. The airframe was primed with Badger Stynylrez Black Primer, and given a light buffing with a soft cotton cloth. The undersides were painted with Tamiya XF-23. While not an exact match for the correct color, I figured after the later weathering steps, that wouldn’t be too much of a problem. The uppers were painted with Akan AMT-4, which should be a little closer to the real color. (Hopefully… I can never get the VVS colors straight anyway.)

At this point the decision is whether to mask off the nose and paint it black for one marking option, or leave the airframe as is and go for another of the kit markings. Decisions, decisions.

No worries though. I’m taking my time with this one- don’t want it to interrupt the commission work or my Gunpla! 

Anyway, there’s no need to be Russian this one anyway?

Get it? 😉

One response to “Trumpeter’s 1/48 Mig-3: Any color you want, as long as it’s green and blue”

  1. Kerry Brenstuhl Avatar

    Haha Jon, you’re so Rusque!


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