Games Workshop’s Space Marine Land Speeder Storm: The Painting And The Weathering

The paint and most of the weathering are complete on this Warhammer 40K Land Speeder Storm. I used Citadel’s Macragge Blue for the upper parts, with highlighting and chipping in Fenrisian Gray, also from Citadel. The weathering is a combination of Citadel’s Nuln oil, Ammo of Mig Starship Filth Oil Brusher, and Ammo’s Engine Grime.

It’s turning out OK, so far. I will get the gloss coat on, and then the decals, and after that a bit more weathering- mostly fading and shading.

And then… on to the figures. Why did I buy a kit with six figures in it? 🙂

If you’ve not tried one of these Warhammer kits, I recommend doing so. Yes, many of them are expensive- but some are not. This guy was $25. The fit is stellar, it’s designed to be easily painted, and because it is made up nonsense, you can do as you please with it! And you don’t even have to play the game.

And I must give a shout out to Foxx at Modelmaking Guru, and to Lincoln Wright of Paint on Plastic. Both of these guys have published work that really made me take a hard look at brush painting, which is something I’ve never done to any great degree. I have been quite pleased with how enjoyable and relaxing it is! 

Check out their respective sites, and videos- both produce great tutorials that are fun to watch. And be sure and consider supporting Foxx and Linc on Patreon. They put out as much or more useful content in a month as any magazine, so it’s certainly a worthwhile “subscription”.

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