Water Logged But Still Here: Hurricane Florence

Hey everyone!

First – thank you so much for reading and keeping up with JonBius.com Scale Models. I am incredibly grateful for your support. 

I live in the area of the US affected by Hurricane Florence, which is only now leaving North Carolina where I live. My family and I are OK, but we’ve been without power for several days, which, among other things, puts a serious cramp in model building time. (As of right now we’re still without power… {sigh})

I will still be posting updates here and to my Facebook page as well (give it a Like if you have not already done so!), though it will take me a few weeks to get back up to my normal schedule. Typically I work on modeling all weekend, and then publish the following week, so losing this time to wind and rain has slowed it all down a bit. And next weekend my son is getting married (woohoo!), so we’ll be focused on that too.

Still – I am here and working! 🙂 (And having fun despite the weather!)

So thanks again for your support and understanding, and for all the encouragement and emails as we weather this storm.


4 responses to “Water Logged But Still Here: Hurricane Florence”

  1. Hoping for a quick recovery with the storm aftermath.

    Be safe and hurray for the (son’s) wedding!!


    1. Thanks Allan! 🙂


  2. Wow! Sorry to hear that Jon but I’m glad you’re all ok.

    Congratulations to your son and his bride to be.




    1. Thanks Stuart!


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