Building A Gundam: Bandai’s HGUC RX-78-2 Part 11 – Fluid Stains And Leaks

One of the things that is pretty much a certainty in any industrial machine is leaking. If there is a fluid in a mechanism, at some point in time, it will leak.

And while the Gundam universe is fiction, when modeling the mobile suits, it’s not a stretch to add fluid leaks and stains. If they were real things, the very process of running, jumping, and generally careening around would cause all manner of gunk. Because no matter how good the seals are in the Universal Century, fluid dynamics still takes precedence.

Part 11 of the Building A Gundam series takes a look at the process of using various mediums and methods to add fluid stains, leaks, and streaks to your Gunpla. Most modelers should have at least one of these materials available to them, and with the addition of two or more, a great degree of depth can be added to the finish.

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