Citadel’s Warhammer 40K Skorpius Disintegrator: Part 2-Weathering And Finish

After getting the base paints on, it was time to weather this model.

Weathering Warhammer 40K kits is always fun, and this Adeptus Mechanicus Scorpius Disintegrator (say that 5 times fast! 😉 ) is certainly no exception.

It has plenty of nooks, crannies, greeblies, and some wide open spaces to really “go to town” when it comes to making this guy look worn out.

This video takes a “high level flyover” view of the weathering steps, each simple enough that any level of model can replicate them with a few basic modeling tools and products.

If you’ve never built any of the Citadel Warhammer 40K kits, I highly recommend them. Whether it’s this Skorpius Disintegrator, or anything else you think looks cool, I think you’ll find them to be great fun!

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