Wave’s 1/20 Ma. K Rapoon Part 1: Assembly, Paint, And Decals

It was only a few years ago that I would look at Maschinen Krieger models and think “These are the weirdest looking things ever.” And being that I was only building aircraft, it never went much further than that. A glance, a raised eyebrow, and the kit was placed back on the shelf.

When I switched over to building scifi scale model kits in 2017, I “discovered” a fellow named Lincoln Wright. For years he’d worked as a studio modeler alongside the creator of the Maschinen Krieger franchise, Kow Yokoyama. When Linc moved back to Australia, he began producing his own videos, showing his studio honed method for painting and weathering the kits.

It didn’t take too long after watching his videos (many on YouTube also) for me to start building Ma. K kits. In a fairly short space of time, I’d built several – and loved them.

This Rapoon kit from Wave is one inspired by Linc’s work. He’d built a “Night Ops Rapoon” that I really liked, so I thought I’d build a “Desert Ops Rapoon” and attempt to employ many of the techniques he demonstrates in his videos.

Part 1 of the series looks at the basic layout of the kit, covers some assembly notes, discusses hand painting with lacquer paints, and adds on the decals.

If you’ve never built a Ma. K kit, I recommend giving these Wave kits a try. There is a wide variety of them, and all are well fitting, nicely detailed, and loads of fun to paint and weather.

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