Building Bandai’s 1/20 Kobu-Kai (Ichiro Ogami Type) Part 2: Panel Lines, Rust, And Chipping

I think doing rust tones and chipping a model’s paint are my two favorite things when I build any kit. It may be the reason I have trouble restraining myself – it’s so much fun to make things look rusty and chipped!

So you’ll understand if things get a little out of hand in this video. 😉

Part 2 of this series continues the build of Bandai’s 1/20 Kobu-Kai (Ichiro Ogami Type) from Sakura Wars 2. The long term plan is to make this thing look quite beat up and worn, so along the way many, many, many chips are required. And a big reason I wanted to do this kit was to add rust tones to those exhausts!

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