Scale Modeling How-To: Weathering Star Wars Rebel Fighters

One of the more memorable aspects of the original Star Wars trilogy was how the prop designers managed to get across differing looks for the Empire and the Rebel/Alliance ships. Though most of the ships appeared for mere seconds as they flew across the screen, each side left an impression that supported the overall story.

The Empire’s vehicles looked much like the Empire itself – cold, gray, very monolithic in appearance. Everything was in lockstep, with rarely a hint of individuality.

On the other hand, the Rebel vehicles looked used, slapped together, and really helped sell the notion of a rag-tag, constantly moving battle force that was always on the verge of simply falling apart.

Using Bandai’s 1/144th scale U-Wing Fighter as a demonstrator, this video explores some simple techniques to give your model a more “studio canon” look in the weathering.

When the models were being made for the movie, there wasn’t any notion of IPMS awards in mind. A few things to make them look beat up, as well as show up well on screen, were all that was needed before moving from prop room to stage.

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