Deep Thoughts: Are Back Pats Hindering Your Growth?

Let’s do a quick trip to the past. 2006 to be exact.

I’d finished my third model since returning to the hobby. And it was my very first model that I’d painted with an airbrush. I was pretty happy with it. At the time, it was the best model I’d built since returning to the hobby.

I recall looking at it, and while I did see some flaws, I dismissed them for the most part. When I showed the model off to friends, they were all verey encouraging.

“Great job!”

“Way to go!”

“Man, that looks awesome!”

I was pretty happy with myself and my effort.

And then I saw another modeler’s work on the same kit. And I looked again at mine.

Sure, I had fun building and painting it – that’s really the ultimate goal. But I realized there was a disconnect between all the wonderful (and I’m convinced sincere) congratulatory remarks and my own desire to grow in the hobby.

So I changed my course a bit, trying to pursue fun AND growth. And that has made all the difference.

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