Wave’s 1/20 Ma. K Rapoon Part 3: Streaks, Leaks, and Mud – All Acrylic!

My journey into Maschinen Krieger has been a bit odd.

When I’d focused exclusively on aircraft in the past, I never felt the draw to Ma. K. A good friend built a few of them, and while his models looked very good, the bug never really bit me.

Even when I made my “SciFi pivot” in late 2017, the genre’s call went unheeded. While I dove into Gunpla, Bandai Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, and a few other scifi franchises, I remained a bit cool towards Kow Yokoyama’s creation.

However, when I was introduced to Lincoln Wright’s work through his Paint On Plastic brand, all that changed.

For many years, Lincoln lived and worked in Japan as a studio artist with Kow Yokoyama, the artist who developed the genre in the early 1980s. (It’s pronounced “Koe”, with a long O sound, by the way. Not “cow”.) As I watched his YouTube videos, I began to be drawn to the genre. It wasn’t that my view of the aesthetic had changed, at least not initially, but rather that Linc’s enthusiasm for them really had an impact on me.

More to the point – he made them seem fun.

So I built one. And then another. And then another. And I’ve had great fun with every one of them.

They look different for sure. And they can be hard to find at times. But I can say without a doubt they provide a price-to-fun ratio that is out of this world.

This Rapoon has been no exception. I can say I’ve enjoyed this more than all the previous kits, because I feel I’m really starting to be comfortable with the shape and scale of the kits. Previous ones had been a bit of “how do you do this”. On this kit though, it’s truly been “what do I want to do?”

If you missed the first two episodes, be sure and check out the full playlist!

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