Bandai’s 1/48 Star Wars Snowspeeder Part 1: Painting The Cockpit

Who doesn’t like the Snowspeeder? Those scenes of it flying above the frozen wastes of Hoth, searching for Han and Luke, battling the AT-AT Walkers… it’s not just a part of a scifi movie. It’s a moment that generations of movie viewers can identify with.

I think all of us would love to sit in a Snowspeeder and dash around the landscape, diving into canyons and dodging mountain peaks.

Happily, Bandai’s Snowspeeder kit is so detailed that it gets us a bit closer to that reality. Sized in 1/48 scale, the interior features all the parts we saw in the movies, and does so with typical gorgeous casting. This is the second time I’ve built this model, and it is just as fun this go around as it was the first time!

This video will demonstrate a way to get a cockpit that is generally faithful to the movie prop’s canon look.

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3 responses to “Bandai’s 1/48 Star Wars Snowspeeder Part 1: Painting The Cockpit”

  1. Hoth ain’t a bad place.
    I remember building the snow speeder as a kid (MPC kit?). I remember weathering it by burning sprue and letting the smoke stain the surface. I even posed it in the snow on our back porch and took some photos, wonder what happened to those…


    1. Thanks Tom! 😀

      I remember that kit. And the burning sprue trick too – better than Tamiya Smoke! LOL (It actually did work quite well at times… provided the hot dripping plastic didn’t set fire to your model desk. Ask me how I know… 😉 )


      1. Jon, I also used the burning sprue technique on my Battlestar Galactica display too. Cylon Raider and Viper that I had hanging from the bottom of wall mounted shelves above my bed. Black velvet stuck to the wall with many white pins “borrowed” from my mother’s sewing kit for stars. Cut a styrofoam ball in half and painted to look like planets and glued to the velvet. It was awesome!
        A large bit of flaming sprue landed on my thigh, and I was wearing those late 70’s shorts. I still have a scar. At least I didn’t set my bed on fire, Mom would have killed me!


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