Building Bandai’s Master Grade Char’s MS-14S Gelgoog – Part 5: Streaks, Stains, Dirt, And FINISH!

When I first got into building Gunpla, I’ll have to admit the Zeon designs really didn’t grab me. Their bulky look just seemed a bit odd to my eye. Compared to the sleek designs of the Federation faction, the Zakus, Doms, and Goufs seemed to be inspired by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,

Still, I liked the results I saw when other modelers posted photos of their work on these hefty mobile suits. They seemed to invite heavy weathering – far more in my mind than other designs.

While I’d built a Zaku and Gouf, it was this Gelgoog that grabbed me. It’s so outrageously big. Not insanely so, like some Zeon designs. But rather right on the border of crossing the line between believable and ridiculous. So this has been a truly fun project, and I’ve enjoyed every step of it. The amount of detail in the frame alone is far superior to many newer Master Grade kit, and offers so much painting value.

In fact, I feel a bit guilty. The only reason I finished it was to stick with my own self-imposed publishing schedule. There is so much detail to this model that I felt I could have gone on for weeks!

But every journey has to end, so this is the last episode of this very fun kit. It’s an older one, but if you can find it, well worth the money and time.

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