The Last Tuesday Show October 2020 – Featuring Sorastro’s Painting

The Last Tuesday Show is back for episode number 3!

First up is a book recommendation for an amazing downloadable book, the Zeta Plus Project by Joshua Darrah. This has to be the best book I’ve ever seen about customizing your Gunpla. Josh goes into great detail on every aspect of his project – over 380 pages worth! All illustrated with over 1000 images. You’ll definitely want to check that out.

Next up are some Questions and Answers for the month. The first looks at some factors that come into play when choosing colors for chipping a desert scheme, and the second examines some considerations to help you decide if you’re metallic finish needs a clear coat – or not.

I also take a look at my current Patreon Exclusive Video, a build of Rocket Models 1/35 Kabuto-Kai from their Fists of War series. If you’ve not seen the Patreon Exclusive Videos that are available to patrons, you can see the Kabuto-Kai and others here. For this month, I examine progress I’ve made painting the vehicles interior, which is wonderfully molded, offering plenty of detail to paint and weather.

I’ve been thinking again, so that lead to some Deep Thoughts for the month.

And The Last Tuesday Interview For October Is…

And finally, the centerpiece for this month’s show is the interview with Mark Sorastro of Sorastro’s Painting. Mark is a fantasic miniature painter, and features work from Star Wars Legion and Imperial Assault, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, Marvel Crisis Protocol, and many others tabletop games. His videos are wonderfully instructive, beautifully filmed, crisply narrated – and he even does his own music! Even if you don’t paint minis you’ll want to subscribe to his channel, as he offers teaching that can benefit painting any genre.

I certainly had fun putting this episode together, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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