The Last Tuesday Show November 2020 – Featuring Adam Ryan Of

Episode 4 of The Last Tuesday show is hot off the presses! Well… hot off the video editor.. 😉

First up is the Question and Answer segment. The first question deals with some things to look for when it comes to choosing a primer for your model. After that, I examine some basic first steps that can help a modeler begin to add weathering to their builds. While there are many things that can be added, I focus in on three foundational technique suggestions.

After the Q&A, I do a bit of “show and tell” with a model I’m building for patrons over on my Patreon site. The kit is Wave’s 1/20 Powered Suit, from Starship Troopers. (The book, not the movie.) It’s a simple but fun little kit, and with just a bit of paint and weathering it provides plenty of fun.

The Deep Thoughts for this month focus on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. I take a look at things I am thankful for in the hobby – some serious, some not so serious. And some that fall a little in between.

And The Last Tuesday Show Interview For November Is…

The centerpiece of The Last Tuesday Show is the interview. This month, I had the opportunity to talk with Adam Ryan, owner of It was great fun talking with Adam, and we had quite a few laughs. Hearing how he started the business, grew it in the early years, and what the plans are for the future was very interesting. I’ve enjoyed every interview I’ve been blessed to conduct, but this one was so fun because we really had some good laughs. Be sure and check the store, because they sell so much more than Gunpla! Paints, tools, scifi kits – just about anything you need. And their service is outstanding. (Ask me how I know! 😉 )

I hope you enjoy this episode – I really enjoyed putting it together!

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