Obsolete Exoframe – Good Smile Company’s 1/35 USMC Arex-03 “Toad”

Several months ago, someone mentioned an anime series called “Obsolete”. I’d never heard of it, but as it was from Bandai Visual, I figured I’d watch it, if only to find out what an “Obsolete Exoframe” was.

The first episode of season 1 hooked me.

The premise is pretty simple. An alien race makes contact with Earth, and basically says they don’t want to be involved in our world, but they need sandstone. So they promise to exchange an exoframe for each cubit meter of sandstone anyone on earth provides. 

The exoframes are basically robotic workers, and people sit on them to drive them. Because they’re ultracheap, every country on earth is snapping them up. Before long, they’ve been militarized by all sorts of factions – everything from countries to military contractors to various militant factions. 

The anime itself is set in modern times. It doesn’t follow a linear story telling approach, but rather gives short stories that are only peripherally  related for the most part. The animation is good, the stories are good, and the action is exciting.

Building The Obsolete Exoframe “Toad”

This Exoframe in the video is the USMC version. It’s a fun little kit. Packed with detail, but barely taller than a lighter. It could definitely be built, painted, and weathered in a day.

The exoframe itself is common to all of the kits in this range. Additional sprues add on the various modifications from each faction represented in the anime series. Total assembly time was no more than 2 hours. The painting and weathering process could be done almost as fast if you wanted to, especially using acrylics.

There are other versions, both already released and coming. Militant factions, scuba versions, ski versions, and quite a few others are all part of the line, which is released by Good Smile Company (Max Watanabe).

This is a definitely a fun scifi kit that is very different. And best of all, it won’t break the bank!

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