Weathering Warhammer vehicles is a really fun experience. There’s no worries about realism, or that it might be over the top. It’s Warhammer 40K – it’s supposed to be over the top. So weather away!

While you can certainly weather any model as you see fit, 40K invites it. The models are full of great angles, details, and recesses that provide a wonderful palette for grime. I’d venture to say it’s hard not to weather them!

Weathering Warhammer Vehicles Made Easy

Happily, getting an excellent weathered finish really isn’t difficult. Just a few weathering products, some brushes, and a bit of time will make it happen.

And the methods I use in this video will be applicable to any model, whether it is 40K, Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, or any other scifi or traditional kit. Simple adjustments in color and amount allows for a great range of use for any scale modeler.

First, the weathering started with chipping, including both light and dark chipping. Next, rust tones were added in a few places to give an aged look. Then mud and dust effects contributed to the worn appearance, as did some simple fluid staining.

I used plenty of acrylic based products for this, so drying times were quite fast.

In the end, I was very happy with the result. It definitely looks the part of a worn, dirty APC. This is one of those “if I can do it, anyone can” type builds. And one of the best parts is the process is quite fun.

If you’ve not considered building a Warhammer 40K vehicle, I encourage you to do so. This Chimera would be a great start. You could use the six-wheeled resin conversion as I did, or build it right from the box. Either route will give you a cool model that was fun to build, paint, and weather.

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