MAXIMIZE Your Hobby Time!

Maximize your hobby time… I’ll admit it sounds a bit cliché. Throw an exclamation point on the end of the title and it’s almost clickbait-ish. 😉

But over the years I’ve found that by taking steps to squeeze everything I can out of my hobby time, it really has allowed me to enjoy plastic scale modeling even more.

Admittedly, none of it is will create an earth shattering kaboom. Some folks may use an idea here or there, others may embrace it wholeheartedly. And others may see so much structure as a burden.

So this is not a magical solution.

Maximize Your Hobby Time – What Works For Me

I like structure, order, and neatness when it comes to my hobby. Having a clean working space is one of the “secrets” that has helped maximize my productivity.

Planning ahead also helps me greatly. A thorough perusal of the instructions can help spot things that might be problems. It can also help inform the build order, and even a build strategy. Factoring these in ahead of time can result in a smooth build, which results in more fun.

At times there will be problems. Even in those cases, I try to take a structured, orderly approach to solving them.

Finally, I like to do a sort of “after action” review once a build is completed. I can examine how certain products worked, or if a technique was helpful. It also can help me decide if a future build might bear using those techniques or products.

So hopefully this video will provide some ideas that can help you out. The goal is not so much being efficient, but having fun. That’s the goal of the hobby I think.

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