Texturing Maschinen Krieger! Wave 1/20 Gladiator Part 2

Texturing Maschinen Krieger models is a process I always look forward to when working on one of Kow Yokoyama’s creations. With so many of the Ma. K models cast in 1/20th scale, it is a very cool look.

Texturing is a process that attempts to simulate a cast steel look, and has been used by armor modelers for years. The effect can be subtle or quite pronounced, depending on the modeler’s preference.

In Ma. K lore, the texturing is an anti-radiation coating, though it can be imagined for any purpose.

Texturing Maschinen Krieger

There are a number of methods that can be used to create a textured surface. A very common way is to simply use liquid cement, such as Tamiya Extra Thin. This is dabbed on the surface with and applicator brush, and after some light stipling, the plastic will melt a bit. The result is a lightly textured and pockmarked surface.

Another method is to use a modeling putty, such as Tamiya Basic Putty. It can be applied straight from the tube, or thinned with liquid cement or nail polish remover. This method results in a much heavier texture on the surface of your model.

The method I demonstrate on this model is using Mr. Surfacer 500, applied straight from the bottle. Application was done using an old brush. An initial layer is stipled on to a section, and then additional stipling is applied. This begins to “pull” the Mr. Surfacer up into various textured shapes, resulting in a very interesting effect.

The texturing can be left as is, or it can be lightly sanded until the desired look is acheived.

Varying the amount of texturing, using more than one texturing media, and adding damaged areas to the texture can further extend the realism of the overall look.

You may find this video helpful also.

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