Painting the AT-ST Interior: Bandai’s 1/48 Scout Walker

Painting the AT-ST interior is almost like having a second kit in the box. It doesn’t have a load of parts, but the wonderful detail cast into it provides ample opportunity for a wide variety of techniques to be employed.

I really enjoy it when kits have detail like this. Building scale models is definitely a “luxury” item, so when a kit offers additional value like this, it really improves the “cost-to-fun ratio” quite a bit.

Given that this is a Star Wars kit from Bandai, it adds even more to like about it. Their kits are about as close to spot on perfect when it comes to fit as anything you’ll find on the market. And the detailing and proportions are wonderful. I really think that ILM could use these as studio props!

Painting the AT-ST Interior

While the Empire’s color palette was mostly various shades of gray, it is possible to add some spots of color here and there in the build to keep it interesting. Red switches, green consoles, and bright yellow interior lights help break things up a bit. A search of the Googles turned up some small little orange light detail I’d never noticed before, so those made it into the palette also.

And of course weathering adds additional color and tonal variation. While the end result is not a wide palette of color, it does avoid monotony and add visual interest.

Though scifi may not be everyone’s genre of choice, the Bandai AT-ST (as well as their Snowspeeder) are such amazing kits that I will always recommend to any modeler of any age. They’re simply scale modeling at its best. I wish all kits were as good as these!

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