Changing Modeling Genres: Is It Time?

Changing modeling genres is not something that happens often, at least not that I hear of. If you’d have told me just 4 years ago that I’d abandon building airplanes – even my beloved Spitfires – I’d have said you were off your rocker! The thought of doing anything but airplanes would have never crossed my mind.

Yet here I am in 2021, solidly entrenched in building science fiction models, without an airplane even on the calendar.

Changing Modeling Genres

As I’ve talked about before, I didn’t set out to change genres. I was getting quite burned out and bogged down in modeling, certainly. My initial thought was that it was just time to leave the hobby completely.

A friend suggested I try something different, just to see if it rekindled the enthusiasm. I thought about tanks, ships, cars… all the usual suspects.

But another friend mentioned some kits called “Gundam“. I took a look at them at a local store, and I found one that looked kind of cool, and it was really cheap. Figuring that I’d already been planning to sell all my old stuff anyway, why not spend $15 give it a shot?

That little kit made all the difference in the hobby world for me.

Now I’m certainly not suggesting that everyone take the same course of action. We all get a bit bogged down at times in a build. Most of the time just pressing forward gets things back on track.

Yet if the fun doesn’t seem to return, and the hobby is becoming more chore than joy, a drastic change may help. Perhaps it’s just a temporary break, or maybe it’s a complete shift of focus.

This video examines my own journey in detail, and then suggests some things for you to consider to see if perhaps it’s time for a change in your own modeling work.

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