A Look Back At 2021 – Seven Favorite Things

A look back at 2021 videos seem to pop up everywhere this time of year. And it makes sense in a way, I suppose. It’s a time for reflecting on the year, what we’ve learned, what we like, and so forth.

I was actually a bit hesitant to do one myself though.

There just seems to be so many of them. They’re easy to make, and buy a little time for other holiday things instead, while still feeding the all powerful YouTube algorithm.

So I’d not planned to have one at all, but rather a “proper” modeling video about making something.

But as time wound down before my family and I started our Christmas vacation, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get all the videos completed that I wanted to. And the last thing I’d want to start the New Year with is scrambling to make videos to catch up.

(OK, that’s probably not the last thing I’d want. There are lots of other things I could probably list, like alien invasions, the robot takeover, or running out of Jif Extra Crunchy peanut butter. But you get the point.)

A Look Back At 2021

So when I realized the schedule called for something that was easy to film and edit, I decided to cave in get creative and film a pointless algorithm sacrifice hopefully helpful video of some of my favorite things of the past year.

They’re all modeling related things, certainly, just to keep the video manageable. Some may be things you’re familiar with, some not. I hope you’ll get a few ideas from it, or perhaps affirmation of your own thinking.

If nothing else, I hope it helps lull you into a nice New Year’s nap, dreaming of plastic, paint, and weathering.

Seriously though, I do want to thank everyone for watching my work, visiting the YouTube channel and this blog, and leaving such kind and encouraging comments as so many of you do. It means a lot to me. And I’d like to say a special thanks to the Patrons of this channel.

So long 2021! Here comes 2022.

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