Scale Modeling Tips: 5 Things You Can Do Now

Scale modeling tips can often become a never ending search for modelers. It’s almost a hobby unto itself. The reason of course is very obvious. We want to learn more. When we learn more, it’s easier to accomplish what we envision. And that’s just fun, plain and simple.

Yet while there are literally thousands of sources for this information, we will always seek out just one more. Even if they’re goofy and probably not very qualified… 😉

Scale Modeling Tips – The Things I See

I’ve always been a bit surprised when people ask me for advice or critique. I get the fact that when you put yourself “out there”, it sort of automatically invites it. And I don’t mind it one bit.

But my reaction is always the same, even if it’s just an internal thought process. “Me? Really? Why?” It certainly is humbling to know people think enough of the work I do to ask for advice and critique. Still… I know me. I’m not impressed with me.

What I do notice though, is that quite often what is being sought is not so much objective observation, but simply a “good job” email – and then I move on. It can be a bit disconcerting. I’ve answered a few folks (a small few, admittedly) who even take offense at my observations.

And I get it. I really do. We tend to put a lot of effort into our work. Whether you’re building your first model, or your 400th, the quest is to do a good job. Yet sometimes noting some simple basics, even if the intent is to be helpful, might not be received well.

So this video is a way I can lump most of what I see when someone does contact me under five major groups. Hopefully I’ll be able to point folks to the video, and they can find it helpful.

It’s certainly a list I try to follow on every single build!

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2 responses to “Scale Modeling Tips: 5 Things You Can Do Now”

  1. You,re someone I have a great respect for as a modeler, keep doing yr thing my friend, yr a great modeler and I avidly follow yr builds.
    Great respect and thanks to yr input.. from the other side of the pond.. Best wishes Howard


    1. Thank you so much for such kind and encouraging words, Howard.

      Thanks for following my work too, and leaving a comment. I am grateful. Happy day to you from this side of the pond! 😊


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