Adding Rust To Your Models

Adding rust to your models is a fun way to add realism to your weathered finish. And with the huge number of products available on the market, you’ll have loads of options.

The basics are really fairly simple. A few color choices, some considerations of scale and texture, and you’re ready to go. And the application methods are generally the same as for any other basic weathering technique.

Adding Rust To Your Models

Adding rust to your models is one of those steps that falls into “the sum is greater than the parts” saying. It only takes a few colors to create the effect, and perhaps a few washes. Yet the realism and weight it imparts on a model truly “swings above its weight class”.

And it doesn’t even take a lot of the effect to sell the notion. A few key areas will engage the viewer’s mind to accept that this is an older, worn vehicle they’re looking at. Added in with other weathering effects, it allows us to tell the story of the model. Whatever that story may be!

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