How To Paint The Deimos Pattern Rhino

How to paint the Deimos Pattern Rhino you ask? Well, if you’re going to paint it as an Imperial Fist Rhino, you start with yellow paint. Lots of yellow paint.

I can’t say I was intimidated about painting yellow, but I did question whether I wanted to do it. I’ve heard so many people talk about how difficult it is to paint the color, I wondered if I’d have any issues. However, I quickly realized there wasn’t going to be a problem, even with brush painting.

How To Paint The Deimos Pattern Rhino

In my aircraft days, I’d have simply resorted to using an airbrush, and that would have been that. Put yellow paint in the color cup, blast it on to the model until it’s all yellow, and then proceed with everything else. Easy peasy.

However, I wanted to brush paint this model. So I had to do it a bit different. First, i started with a tan primer, which was much easier to paint over. Next, I stippled on very thin coats of yellow paint, building them up to the desired opacity. Then…

Well, that was pretty much it. Turns out painting yellow isn’t that difficult after all! 😉

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Paints Used

Citadel Paints
Averland Sunset
Yriel Yellow
Dorn Yellow
Administratum Gray
Balor Brown
Tau Light Ochre
Skrag Brown
Steel Legion Drab
Khorne Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Wild Rider Red
Ulthuan Gray
Sotek Green
Bahharoth Blue

Citadel Technical
Armageddon Dust

Citadel Contrast
Garaghak’s Sewer
Black Templar
Doomfire Magenta

Citadel Shades
Nuln Oil
Fuegan Orange
Agrax Earthshade

Black Gray
Dark Gray
Cold White

Vallejo Model Wash
European Dust

Vallejo Earth Texture
Brown Earth

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