Painting an Imperial Navy Breacher from Games Workshop’s Kill Team: Into the Dark

Painting an Imperial Navy Breacher turned out to be quite fun. I’d first seen them when Games Workshop released their Kill Team: Into the Dark set. I thought it all looked pretty cool… except for the other side in the box, the Kroots. I know some folks really like them, but I saw them and thought…. meh. So I passed on it.

But I really did want to paint one of those Imperial Breachers.

Happily though, I found a seller on Ebay that sells partials of most of the newer Citadel Miniatures, so I was able to pick one up at a good price.

Painting an Imperial Navy Breacher

I decided to paint the model using methods inspired by Juan Hidalgo, one of my favorite creators on YouTube. He uses Citadel Contrast paints extensively for his base coating, and then traditional paints for highlights. His work is to a very high standard, proving that Contrast Paint isn’t just for quick, get it to the tabletop work.

The Imperial Navy Breacher turned out OK, I suppose. I was happy with the whole figure really, except that face. Painting faces nicely still eludes me. But I suppose that is why I will keep chasing it!



Gray Seer
Stormhost Silver
Alaitoc Blue
Fenrisian Gray
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Ulthuan Gray
White Scar
Mechanicus Standard Gray
Administratum Gray
Bugman’s Glow
Kislev Flesh
Gorthor Brown


Black Templar
Baal Red
Volupus Pink
Guilliman Flesh
Cygor Brown

Targor Rageshade


Cold White


Metallic Orange

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