The Astra Militarum Sentinel: Painting And Weathering

The Astra Militarum Sentinel is a cool little walker. Though not much taller than a dropper bottle of paint, it packs a lot of detail into a very small space. And there are so many options to choose from!

I’d previously built the older Sentinel kit, back before my video days. That was a fun kit too, but this new one beats it in every way. You can get the kit stand-alone, or as part of several boxed sets from Games Workshop.

The Astra Militarum Sentinel

The kit features a load of cool options. There are six major weapons systems that can be swapped out on the front right weapon mount. These range from rocket launchers to plasma guns to various shooty pew-pews and lasers. There are three other stations for additional weapons and features as well as plenty of stowage options. I magnetized the areas for the auxiliary weapons and stowage, so any combination can be achieved there. And the armored top can be easily removed, so it can be converted from a Scout Sentinel to an Armored Sentinel quickly.

It’s a great addition to any Warhammer Astra Militarum force!

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Two Thin Coats Paints

  • Doom Death Black
  • Carcharodon Gray
  • Curass Leather
  • Fur Cloak
  • Skeleton Legion
  • Cold Corpse Blue 
  • Dwarven Skin
  • Sword Hilt Burgundy
  • Vampire Fang
  • Sir Coates Silver
  • Sanguine Scarlet
  • White Star

Citadel Paint

  • Tau Light Ochre
  • Jokaero Orange
  • Skrag Brown

Citadel Shade

  • Fuegan Orange
  • Agrax Earthshade

Citadel Contrast

  • Hexwraith Flame
  • Nazdrag Yellow
  • Kroxigor Scales

Vallejo Model Color

  • Flat Black

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