In Progress- Italeri’s 1/48 A-36 Apache

The old Accurate Miniatures early P-51 series are some of the best kits ever produced. I’m really happy Italeri is keeping this line going.

This is the A-36 with its initial colors on, and some fading of the paint done with an airbrush. The undersides are Tamiya’s Neutral Gray, and the uppers are Tamiya Olive Drab. I added some white to the neutral gray and went back over it in a ‘scribbling motion” to break up the monotony of the paint, and did the same on the uppers. To lighten the olive drab, I used some Tamiya Yellow Green (XF-4). If you want to lighten up greens, it works best to use yellow or a yellow-green paint. using white will make it look a bit to gray.

Next up will be some dot filtering with oil paints, and then paint chipping with a Prismacolor silver pencil.

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