Building A Buffalo: Getting The Guts Together

In between the Gloster Gladiator and the AMX A-10A, I’m also working on Tamiya’s 1/48 Buffalo kit. I’ve just about finished the interior.

Because the canopy will be closed, I’m not too worried about getting fancy with it.

The kit seat didn’t look great, so I used an Ultracast seat that was actually designed for the P-40. the shape is close enough to work under a closed canopy- and it looks much better.

I painted the interior XF-71, painted some bits here and there with black, dry brushed it with a light gray, and then picked out a few colors here and there. I sealed it all in with Future, gave it an oil wash, added the simple instrument panel decals, and gave it a coat of flat varnish.

Total time- less than 2 hours. (Spread over a couple of days.)

Next up- fuselage assembly and painting!

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