Building a jet: Hobbyboss’ 1/48 AMX A-11A Ghibli- Leaving The Office Behind

I finished the cockpit on the AMX. While I’m very happy with certain elements of it, I think overall I’d rate it “pretty good”. Unfortunately I was striving for something a bit beyond that.

Still- it was a good learning experience in finishing modern jet cockpits. I learned a lot from it, which is really the point of the whole exercise. I’m expecting my next jet build to be better.

The aftermarket seat fit- barely. It’s not even actually glued in. I slid it in to test fit it, and couldn’t get it back out. So I suppose at some point it could eject out. Hopefully not.

I added in some simple rudder pedals, and a piece of plastic to blank off the forward section of the cockpit. Test fitting showed there would be a bit of see through, so I took care of that.

Once in the fuselage, it appears that it will be a nice, neat fit.

On to the missiles, drop tanks and pylons!

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