Academy’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XIVc- Prime-ordial soup and sandwiches

The airframe on the Academy 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XIVc is primed and ready for paint. This kit presents no drama with airframe assembly. I did replace the 20mm gun barrels with the Eduard Spitfire kit parts, which I have gobs of floating around the spares box.

The primer is Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer, the square bottle stuff, thinned with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. I normally use decanted Tamiya Primer of the gray variety, but I was being a bit lazy and didn’t want to take the time to decant it. If you don’t thin the bottle stuff properly, you get some crazy spider webs, but otherwise it works about the same.

Typically I don’t prime models, but as I’ll be doing a lot of masking on this one, I decided to go the priming route this time to insure there will be maximum adhesion.

On to the camo paint!

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