Hobbyboss’ 1/48 IAR-80: Buy It. Build It.


After going on and on about how nice Hobbyboss’ Hawk 200 was, I find it a bit hard to believe that I find myself prepared to do the same thing with their IAR-80.

But this kit is just awesome. In fact, I’d actually say it’s a tick ahead of the Hawk 200 in terms of overall fit. 

Anyone can enjoy this kit. It would be appropriate for a first kit for a nine year old. It would please the most seasoned modeler who is… older than nine. 

It’s rare to have an intersection of fit, simplicity, affordability, and fun in modeling. To have it twice in a row is truly a treat.

I’ll post a full build report on AgapeModels.com later this week.

2 responses to “Hobbyboss’ 1/48 IAR-80: Buy It. Build It.”

  1. gawd when I think of the blood sweat and tears I put into the LTD kit !!! oh well I have the 1/32 nd scale Azur kit to build with accessories ..


  2. That’s a Stunner of a build Jon and a really cool looking aircraft. In fact I’m so inspired I’ve just ordered one for my birthday this month.

    I’m sold on HB kits, The Hellcat I’m building has been great fun.


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